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Diary, 2075

february 16, 2075, from my diary. As usuall I got up at six o'clock. Then I took my nutritionnal pills .... … [Read more]

Bye Bye Presbyopia

Presbyopia can be reversed or delayed by teaching patients cross their eyes while using the Presbyopia Reduction Chart. I first used this in 1976 with a 52 year-old hyperope with 20/200 near and 20/40 distant acuity. He had normal, bifocal-wearing, … [Read more]

Améliorer la lumière à Val-David

Améliorer la lumière à Val-David Après l’hiver, on sait que la plupart des gens ont vécu plusieurs mois dans des pièces, parfois sans fenêtres, où les lumières artificielles est souvent fournie par des fluorescents (néons). … [Read more]

Bicycle Bob was years ahead of his time

A Vancouver journalist recently visited here and was shocked by one element of Montreal life - and it wasn't our debate on reasonable accommodation at Quebec hotels. What stunned him were the endless bike paths that now crisscross Montreal … [Read more]