Bye Bye Presbyopia

Presbyopia can be reversed or delayed by teaching patients cross their eyes while using the Presbyopia Reduction Chart. I first used this in 1976 with a 52 year-old hyperope with 20/200 near and 20/40 distant acuity. He had normal, bifocal-wearing, middle-aged vision and had been wearing reading glasses and bifocals since age 40. After teaching him the Bates palming, sunning and fixation drills, I taught him converging (crossing his eyes) and diverging (uncrossing his eyes) exercises using a chart with a pair of targets separated horizontally by two inches. Two weeks later his acuity had cleared to 20/40 at near and 20/20 at 20 feet. How did he do it? He loved the converging exercise and practiced whenever he had a chance. At work he would spin around in his executive swivel chair converging and diverging the targets. Did it last? Three years later, at age 56, his vision was even better. [Read more...]

Presbyopia Reduction Chart Instructions

By Ray Gottlieb, O.D., Ph.D.

Purposes : To increase near focusing, converging and diverging power. [Read more...]

Vision improvement “aerobics”

Anyone can improve their vision. For 47 years I always wore glasses, which were continuously getting stronger until after the age of 50. By pure chance, I first learned about and began the trip to better vision.

You can do the same at any time in your life whether your problem is presbyopia, “Old Age Sight”, Myopia “short sightedness”, or hyperopia “long-sightedness”. [Read more...]

Improve and Save your Vision

Do you want to throw away your glasses?
Do you want to progressively reduce the strength of your lenses?
Do you want to wear your spectacles less often?
Do you want to see better?

I have improved my vision substantially in the last two years. At that time I wore bifocals with the lens having a corrective strength of 8.5 diopeters. I was very short sighted. Since then I have reduced the strength of the lenses four times. I now wear, sometimes, glasses with a lens’ strength of 2.5 diopeters. However, for many activities such as reading, bicycle riding in the day, walking and playing volleyball, I no longer wear them. [Read more...]